About Kids Share Workshops

(At the bottom of this page please watch our Kids Share Workshops-two minute video.)

What is Kids Share Workshops?

Is a not-for-profit arts enrichment program that recognizes each child as a vibrant and creative individual, and strives to awaken the author and artist inside each of them. Kids Share Workshops connects volunteers from professional backgrounds to youth from around the world through the co-creation of visual and literary art, with team building principles and cross-cultural understanding at the heart of its curriculum.

Workshop Setup

Each workshop is uniquely designed depending on the community demographics and location. In the past Kids Share Workshops has incorporated into its curriculum; art, writing, publishing, nutrition, recycling, exploration, cross-cultural sharing, technology, volunteer and student exchanges. We work with professional volunteers who offer a wide variety of skills.

Workshop History

Since 2007 Kids Share Workshops has reached over 500 children, in five different countries and, received support from over 150 generous volunteers. We have also worked closely with other non-profit organizations and corporations, with their staff in facilitating successful workshops worldwide.

Kids Share Workshops is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art and literacy enrichment program.

tibetanbowlkidskristinaOur program is organized and facilitated by Founder, Kristina Applegate and a team of volunteer professionals and community organizations in each new community, who work with us to tailor each workshop to its specific location and  needs. These volunteers are usually recruited directly from the host community.

Our past websites become static one year after a workshop. 


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